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Dec 21

Written by: Douglas Goddard
12/21/2016 11:17 PM  RssIcon

Lately when I pick up the newspaper to update myself about current events, the majority of them tend to be negative and I wonder what is happening in our world. Between wars, homelessness, and human trafficking to name a few, it seems we have begun to loose connection to our humanity. 

Then I stumble across random acts of kindness on the Internet. While the web does showcase the negative, it has changed how we access content and it is demonstrating that perhaps there are more positive events happening in the world than what we’re being shown through traditional outlets.

The Internet has signified the importance of random acts of kindness, as more and more stories are shared from around the globe. These stories tell of people whose simple intentions are to make another person happy. To me these people bring a strong and powerful voice, combating the negative. Each time I read a story of simple, mindful acts from strangers I feel connected, inspired, and uplifted. After a quick google search I found the following stories about random acts of kindness:

  • Humanity is all about providing comfort and support to one another. For example, a woman in Missouri found kindness being poured forth randomly from strangers. The woman and her husband used to visit a local restaurant, the Red Lobster, every year as a part of their wedding anniversary celebration. After her husband’s passing and on the next anniversary, the woman took her daughter. The restaurant took note of the situation and after the meal, instead of a bill, the lady found a heart-warming note thanking her for spending all her anniversaries with them. 
  • Another display of kindness and camaraderie is in the extraordinary and unexpected unity of nearly 100 strangers in London who managed to save a cyclist trapped under a bus. As soon as the accident was witnessed people rushed over to help. As others walked by they realized what was going on and saw the bus could not be moved, so the amount of people joining quickly grew. Through their teamwork and determination they lifted the bus and the cyclist was saved. This incident demonstrated a true miracle through the spirit of unity.
  • When hearing about these stories, a bit of hope and faith in our humanity begins to return. Each act of kindness is a light to the darkness. You may even venture to call the heroes of these stories, super humans. A bartender in Birmingham each year dresses up as Spiderman and gives out food to the homeless. His selflessness inspires to share good forward.
  • A café owner in Oklahoma believes everyone should be treated with dignity and respect and lives by this value. The owner of P.B. Jams put a sign on the outside of her café after learning there was someone in her community taking left over food from the dumpster. The sign stated: "You’re a human being and worth more than a meal from a dumpster. Please come in during operating hours for a classic PB&J, fresh veggies, and a cup of water at no charge. No questions asked.

     -Your friend, the owner.”


When I read about the negativity in the world I remind myself with stories like these, there is also a tremendous amount of good. If we keep looking out for each other, come together, and keep sharing our good forward, perhaps someday the good will out-publish the bad.

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