About Us


Our mission at TrikleTrade is to connect people who want to inspire positive change. When we help one another, a movement of compassion, generosity, and kindness is created. We believe that when those qualities begin in you, those same qualities can spread to others, and slowly a positive shift in ourselves and our environment begins. 



Our Story


TrikleTrade launched June 2012 by co-founders and a team inspired to create human connection through helping each other and crowdsource needed items and services. Our mottos of 'paying it forward' and ‘neighbors helping neighbors’ are two of the core philosophies that motivated us to create a network for positive change, with unique tools for engagement.

What We Do



TrikleTrade provides four sets of unique tools that allow individuals, organizations, and even businesses to engage with each other and crowdsource needed items and services.


1. Through our main Pay It Forward platform you can post a request or an offer for an item or service. If you are assisted we simply ask that you return to TrikleTrade and pay it forward to someone else when the time is right. We believe that when you pay it forward the effects of positive change multiply at a much faster rate. It creates shape similar to a root system of a tree. The more roots, the stronger the foundation.


2. Our other tool for connection is a subset of our Pay It Forward space, Barter Exchange. We believe bartering is another catalyst system for interface, opening up opportunity to meet your neighbors and create dialogue.

3. We also provide organizations with their own featured page. This allows them to share their vision and mission, and ask the community for pay it forward assistance with items, services, or events.


4. Lastly, by using our Community Bulletin and Groups you can post upcoming events, find resources or share community information, pictures, and videos. Please see Community Guide for more information.    




Foundation Outreach


TrikleTrade sponsors community events through our foundation. Sponsored projects include The Pay it Forward Project with TOMS Shoes, Community We Care, Wig Out for Rescue, The Candy Chang Project, and Hurricane Sandy Clean-Up.


The TrikleTrade Foundation also pays it forward by sponsoring member nominated charities, organizations, and individuals. If you have someone in mind, join today and let us know who they are. With your help and involvement proceeds from the TrikleTrade website can find their way into your backyard!