Co-founders & Board Members

Julia Altemus

President - JSJ International, Inc.

Co-founder of JSJ International, Inc. and TrikleTrade

Julia has 30 years experience in public policy at the state and national level.  Currently she focuses on consensus building, conflict resolution, government relations, and business retention and development.

A sense of caring for her neighbors was instilled in her at a very young age.  This has not only led her to her career path, but also the desire to do more.  Thus, she co-founded JSJ International Inc. with her daughter and together they developed TrikleTrade to inspire individuals to take action in their local community by paying for forward acts of kindness received.

Her motto is twofold; “Policy is the art of the possible.” -Otto Von Bismark and “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” -Ronald Reagan.

Syann Stevens

Registry Relations - Uniregistry, Inc.

Co-founder of JSJ International, Inc. and TrikleTrade

With over 20 years experience in the arts, Syann currently is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, teaches yoga, and works for a domain name company, Uniregistry, in Los Angeles, California.

With a passion for community, creativity, and finding unique solutions to assist others, she co-founded TrikleTrade with her partners in 2011.

She believes that empathy, action, reflection, and humility can solve many problems. She also believes that these qualities exist in the act of paying it forward.

Jay Hemingway

Senior Caregiver - Hanover Care

Co-founder of JSJ International, Inc. and TrikleTrade

With a career that brings much satisfaction, Jay assists community members in their homes and brings support to their every day needs. He is proud to say that his commitment and hard work to his endeavor of helping others has earned him a reputable relationship with his co-workers and clients.

Jay is also proud of being a co-founder of the film production company Wrightway Productions, which has just finished its 3rd short film.

He is happiest when present with his wife, two dogs, and nature. His profession sees him helping people everyday in all possible ways, and because of this he understands there is far too much hurt and selfishness in today's world; which is why he is happy to be a part of an idea that inspires others to help, one person at a time.

Paula Short

Bureau Chief - Forestry Assistance

Board Member - JSJ International, Inc.

Paula is proud to hold a BS in forestry from the University of Montana and an MA in organizational leadership from Gonzaga University. She is also proud to be a past board member with Camp Make-A-Dream.

Passionate about community, she absolutely believes in the power of kindness and the magic that’s created by positive people who come together in the spirit of helping others. “The idea that even a single person has the power within them to make a difference is so extraordinary! It always makes me think, what if everyone got up each day thinking about how to make the day a little brighter for someone else? That kind of momentum can change the course of history".

Her personal mission can be summed up with the quote: "Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." –Howard Thurman

Nick Staff

Information Security Executive

Board Member - JSJ International, Inc.

Nick is proud to be a leader in the security community and is a seasoned executive and manager in multiple verticals.

He has deep technical as well as managerial knowledge, having worked as the senior security architect for IndyMac Bank, the head of technology controls and risk management for JPMorgan Chase Mortgage Bank, and served for seven years as the Chief Information Security Officer for City National Bank.

With a strong focus rooted in family, friends, and community, Nick is happy to contribute his knowledge and skill set to further develop a healthy communities.

Melissa Hayes

Board Member - Vice President JSJ International, Inc.

Melissa works at the cross-sections of law, policy, environment, and design. She is happiest when outside gardening,   attending to her beehives, hiking, camping, or just reading a book by the river. TrikleTrade is important to her because it connects communities and helps people in need.

Pia Pownall

Professional Actress

Board Member - JSJ International, Inc.

Pia is a professional actress with 15 years experience in the entertainment industry. As an artist she is compulsive in her need for creative expression whether on stage, in front of a lens or in her rediscovered passion for painting. She is currently working on a series on canvas called "The Space Between".

Pia finds inspiration in the human condition and she strives in her daily life to focus on and practice empathy and kindness, which she says "is not always an easy muscle to flex but it is the one most worth developing".

Marilynn Riggs

Interior Designer

Board Member - JSJ International, Inc.

Marilynn’s passion lies in creative design. Her career has brought her much satisfaction, including being well received publicly for her interior designs of several properties in the Parade of Homes.

Happiest when decorating houses, gardening, and traveling, Marilynn is also passionate about helping others. She has an extensive history of assisting nonprofits.

Through her talents and outreach to others, she practices a philosophy key to her own self-design, to breathe fully and live an abundant life.

Kyle Riggs

General Manager - Iron Horse Bar & Grill

Board Member - Secretary/Treasurer JSJ International, Inc.

With over 16 years experience supervising and managing a staff of 100+ people, Kyle’s vision and drive has made the Iron Horse Bar & Grill into a landmark eating destination for the Missoula and Montana community.

Kyle’s passion for food and beverage has introduced him to his broader community as patrons to his establishment and has given him a unique opportunity to hear stories of their endeavors in the face of adversity. On the flip side, it has also given him the opportunity to meet people who may be potential matches to help.

Kyle became involved in TrikleTrade because he thought it to be an amazing opportunity to bring these people together and saw it as a solution.

Besides his passion for food and beverage, Kyle also loves to travel and scuba dive. Both of these interests feed his curiosity to explore beyond his home and have given him a new appreciation for the ocean and wildlife.

Autumn Smith

Nutritional Wellness Coach

Board President - JSJ International, Inc. Foundation

Autumn’s passion to teach self love has lead her to her other passion of wellness. With a background in fitness as Jennifer Lopez’s personal trainer on her world tour working for Tracy Anderson in her training method, her mission is to teach people to feel their best in order to evolve and lead fulfilling lives.

This personal mission has lead her most recently to co-found and launch the company, in 2013.

Reflective of her personal mission, being involved in platforms that foster the ability to connect with community is also incredibly important to her, and she’s happy to bring her passion, energy, and skills to other endeavors that do the same.