Candy Chang Project

Candy Chang Project

Project description

The TrikleTrade Foundation was proud to be a sponsor of the Candy Chang Project in Missoula, Montana. The 15'X10' wall was built and mounted in downtown Missoula with the generous help of Beaudette Consulting Engineers. Painting of the wall came together as a Pay It Forward from local nonprofits Child Care Resources, Watson Children's Shelter, and The ZACC after having their own Pay It Forward requests answered through the TrikleTrade website. The art installation, which asked the community to share what was most important to them, premiered for First Friday and remained downtown for one month. It currently resides at The ZACC.

About the Project


Along with Mayor John Engen and the city of Missoula, the TrikleTrade Foundation was proud to sponsor and coordinate the 'Before I Die' wall by artist Candy Chang in Missoula, Montana September 6th 2013.  For photos and to learn more click here.

Project Details

Location:  Missoula, Montana

Date: September 6th, 2013

Tags:  Child Care Resources, Watson Children's Shelter, The ZACC, Beaudette Engineering Consultants

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