1000 Free Haircuts

Mobile Barber Shop Gives 1,000 Free Haircuts to Community Members

socially responsible company embraces the overall social good of their community instead of solely focusing on maximum profits. A company with a social mission has an intent to create healthy environments by giving back in a way that compliments their business.

Jack Reed Barber Shop in Brisbane, Australia, a mobile barber shop, owned and operated by Teresa Reed and Danielle Hannah, is an excellent example of a social and responsible company with a mission to give back 1,000 free haircuts to the homeless in their community by the end of the year.

In regards to supporting her community Reed says “It’s really important I think for us in terms of making sure that people get that opportunity no matter who [they] are to kind of take 10, 15, 20 minutes out of [their] life to sit down, relax in a kind of authentic environment where [they’re] just like everyone else and when [they] walk out [they] feel a bit better about [themselves].”

Herman, who is one of 4,300 homeless community members in Brisbane, said he feels “cleaner” after receiving a requested “mature” haircut by Jack Reed Barber Shop.

Not only is Jack Reed Barber Shop a social and responsible company with an honorable annual mission, but in the long term the company would like to teach hair skills to disadvantaged youth.

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