Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness 30-Day Challenge

Are you up for the 30-day random acts of kindness challenge? There are hundreds of ways we can better someone’s day. Could you make room in your day?  What would it take to perform one act of kindness a day for 30 days?

Committing to the challenge, it is quite possible that by the end, finding ways to positively impact someone’s life would become a natural part of a daily routine, like brushing your teeth in the morning or eating breakfast. The ultimate goal of this exercise is to see if performing random acts of kindness could become second nature and how would it feel along the way. At the end of the 30 days, would you be different?

Developing a habit of personal social responsibility, and not relying on others to make the world a better place, could change how you view your community. Personal social responsibility is about ‘we’ instead of ‘me’, recognizing that our behavior affects others. If you haven’t already developed your own habit, the 30-day random acts of kindness challenge could be a great place to start.

Not only can performing acts of kindness for others be gratifying, it’s possible the beneficiary of a random act of kindness during your 30-day challenge will become inspired, participate and pay the act of kindness forward. What would that look like and how could that feel?

Here are 10 random acts of kindness to get you started:


1.     Spare a few quarters if your neighbor is short on change, so they can finish their laundry.

2.     If you see someone has dropped something on the street, pick it up and return it to the owner.

3.     Pay for someone’s meal.

4.     Plug a meter if you see it’s close to expiring.

5.     Say ‘hello’ to a neighbor you have yet to meet.

6.     Give someone your full attention.

7.     Hold the door for everyone, for a full day.

8.     Pay for someone’s gas.

9.     Let someone into your lane during rush hour traffic.

10.  Give a stranger a flower.

If you’re up for the 30-day random acts of kindness challenge, let us know. TrikleTrade loves to hear testimonies of random acts of kindness. We want to share your journey with the TrikleTrade community to inspire someone else to put the 30-day challenge into action. Write us at

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention.” – Khalil Gibran