Tow Truck Driver

Tow Truck Driver Uses Tips to Help Homeless

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Daniel Sadler is a tow truck driver who works at All Over Towing in Kernersville, North Carolina. The idea to give back to homeless community members of Kernersville came to him one evening after watching the news. The weather was predicted to drop to 10 degrees that night.

Sadler immediately thought about what would be needed if he were in a similar situation and without shelter. His solution: use his tips from towing each day and buy items to protect homeless community members from the cold.

With forty dollars in tips Sadler started his mission, buying gloves, hats, scarves, water, and other items he thought might be needed.

Sadler sets up shop in the back of his tow truck. He parks in neighborhoods in Kernersville where homeless community members live. With gratitude, people grab what they need from his box of supplies: blankets, socks, mittens, or whatever he is able to purchase that day from tips.

Sadler’s acts of simple kindness have helped many community members of Kernersville. “Sometimes he comes here late at night and brings goods for the homeless,” says Ronald Richardson, one of many grateful community members of Sadler’s generosity. “He’s a nice guy. He’s all about caring for anybody. We’re all people.”

Some days Sadler makes more than forty dollars in tips. Some days he only makes a few dollars. However, he still uses whatever he makes to give back. He believes that you don’t have to have a lot to give a lot and make a big impact. “You don’t need to be wealthy to help anybody,” he says. “You can help somebody with 50 cents. You can help somebody buy a soda — anything helps.”

Acts of simple kindness can be done by anyone and at any time. Sadler proves it doesn’t take a big bank account to make a wealthy community.