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Whenever you perform a selfless act aimed at cheering a person by fulfilling their wish or assisting in some way, you may experience a special feeling of contentment afterward. Such acts are generally called random acts of kindness. When you act in this way, not only do you make someone’s day, you may become someone’s hero.

The following are five random acts of kindness story that have captured the attention and heart of the greater public:

1. Bodmin Hosptial, Cornwall Bodmin Hospital decided to grant a cancer patient Frank Keat’s final wish to see his favorite horse before he died. To accomplish his request a handful of caring nurses at Bodmin Hospital arranged for his horse to visit him a few days before his death. The patient was so absolutely overwhelmed by the kind gesture it brought tears to his eyes and the eyes of all the people who viewed the reunion. 2. A Police Officer’s Call to Help When an 83-year-old man became lost after shopping, police officer PC Stevens was dr
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Daniel Sadler is a tow truck driver who works at All Over Towing in Kernersville, North Carolina. The idea to give back to homeless community members of Kernersville came to him one evening after watching the news. The weather was predicted to drop to 10 degrees that night.
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A socially responsible company embraces the overall social good of their community instead of solely focusing on maximum profits. A company with a social mission has an intent to create healthy environments by giving back in a way that compliments their business.
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As an at-risk youth, Joe Roberts the CEO of Mindware Design, began his journey as a homeless 19 year-old pushing a shopping cart around on the streets, collecting bottles to pay for his drug dependency. 

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A child pays it forward to a soldier
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Killing Kilimanjaro, Vern Jones and his family successfully scaled the 4,900-meter mountain in Tanzania, Africa with a little help from a local guide.
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When we think of random acts of kindness we often think of individuals stepping up to help other individuals in our neighborhood. 
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Random acts of kindness can happen at any moment a person decides to seize the opportunity. 
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Paying it forward can happen at any time and for any reason.
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Pay It Forward: Story 1
Give a coat. Take a coat. 
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We all intuitively know that being kind is a good thing. Holding the door for someone, helping someone with their items, or tipping the barista, they're all acts that make us feel a bit warm and fuzzy while doing them.