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Oct 5

Written by: Syann
10/5/2018 10:35 AM  RssIcon

One of TrikleTrade’s best pay it forward stories were initiated by children. In 2012, a nonprofit for girls called The Girls Way posted a pay it forward request on the TrikleTrade platform for a computer. Another anonymous TrikleTrade member responded to their post by donating a laptop a week later.

How did the girls from the after-school program repay their donor? By paying it forward to another nonprofit, Watsons Children Shelter. The shelter needed blankets for the children entering their program. Blankets at Watsons are the first item of comfort a child receives when they enter their doors and it’s the only item they take with them once they are placed in good homes. The hope is to give the children something warm, loving, and stable.

Immediately the kids from the Girls Way hand-make blankets for the children. A few weeks later over 10 blankets were donated to Watsons. These girls proved, it doesn’t matter how old you are, how much you have, how much time; wherever you are right now is enough to make a dramatic impact in someone’s life. A little or a lot is the right amount of effort to change a life with an act of kindness.

TrikleTrade believes we’re all in this together and the best thing we can do is to be of service to others. And we’re not the only resource creating waves with our pay it forward stories. Pink Elementary School came up with their own initiative to celebrate Pay it Forward Day.

Kids at Pink came up with an idea to help children who may not get the same opportunities to celebrate holidays or birthdays, particularly children living in shelters or foster homes. The Pink kids wanted to give these children a birthday celebration by creating “Birthday Boxes”. The boxes were stuffed with items needed to throw a party: streamers, napkins, paper plates, balloons, and gift cards for presents, pizza, and cake. The Pink kids were excited to be able to give a ‘birthday party in a box’. They also understood the power of paying it forward. Inside the box, the Pink kids left a note explaining the concept. They encouraged the children to eventually pay it forward, if not materially then with a simple act of kindness to someone else. They understood there is always a way to help others no matter the circumstance and how empowering that act can be. A powerful lesson from young people!

If these stories inspire you, join us today and create your own pay it forward stories. We would love to share yours next and keep the pay it forward momentum going.

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