What is the TrikleTrade™ Foundation?

The TrikleTrade™ Foundation is a private foundation. The Foundationʼs mission is to encourage charitable giving to organizations that assist the homeless, abused and neglected children and animals, active military and their families and veterans.

How does the TrikleTrade™ Foundation raise money for charitable giving?

The site is owned by JSJ International. Information regarding the company can be found by clicking on "About Us" at the footer of the Home Page. A percentage of the net profits from the TrikleTrade™ website goes into the TrikleTrade Foundation annually.

Who benefits from the Foundation activities?

Beneficiaries include charities that are nominated by you. We encourage you to get involved in your own community and find what local charities need help. If you have one that you are truly passionate about, please "contact us" and tell us who they are and why they deserve to be nominated. Friends, neighbors, or a family member may be nominated. The charitable interests listed under 'What is the TrikleTrade™ Foundation?' above, benefit as well.

Do you have to be registered with TrikleTrade™.com to donate?

Anyone can donate, however, the TrikleTrade Foundation is a private foundation and donations are not tax deductible. If you wish to donate, please mail contributions to PO Box 1976 Missoula, MT 59806.

What is the process of selecting charitable requests?

The TrikleTrade™ Foundation Board of Directors approves a list of charitable donations annually. Awards are based on nominations that are compatible with the Foundation's mission.

May anyone nominate a favorite charity?

Only TrikleTrade™ members may nominate a favorite charity.