Pay if Forward

Pay it Forward

What is Pay it Forward?

The Pay it Forward forum is a community networking service where TrikleTrade™ members have an opportunity to help or be helped by other TrikleTrade™ members. If your Pay it Forward request is answered, we ask that you simply return to the site and pay it forward to someone else when the time is right.

How much does membership cost?

Registering on TrikleTrade is free.

Do I need to barter a Pay it Forward request?

The Pay it Forward forum is not a barter system.  However, members may enter into a barter if they choose. Members who have a Pay it Forward request answered, are encourage to pay their good fortune forward, seeking out another member, and answering their request.

Is there a limit on how many requests a member may post?

Pay it Forward listings are unlimited.

Is there a limit to how many people I can help?

Members are encouraged to reach out and answer as many requests as possible. The more people that are helped, the more people in return will help others.

Is Pay it Forward member assistance tax deductable?


How can I edit my Pay it Forward post(s)?

Editing a published listing is easy. After you login, click on the Pay it Forward Message Center and click on your published listings and edit your content. That will bring you to your published listings. You can change the title, the description and photos. Once complete, click on the update button at the bottom of the page.

How soon will my Pay it Forward post expire?

Listings stay active until the post has been successfully completed and the listing taken down.

How do I create a Pay It Forward request?

Creating a listing is easy.  All listing activity is under the Pay it Forward section.  Click the Pay it Forward Message Center. From the message center, click on "New Generic Listing". Add pictures and descriptions of yourself and what you're looking for or what you can provide. Make sure to choose the category or categories you would like to list under. If it's a barter, choose "Barter Exchange". If it's a Pay it Forward, choose the categories that best fits your request. Make sure to fill out your profile, letting other members know who you are. The more someone knows about you the more likely they'll want to connect with you.