I am the co-founder and president of A Dog's Life Rescue, one of the organizations producing Wig Out For Rescue. Haze of Take Me Home and I have worked together on many projects over the years including lobbying for stronger laws to protect animals. Take Me Home is a fantastic organization and I am proud to join them on so many efforts. I wanted to send you an email personally though to say thank you for being a sponsor for Wig Out and promoting the event. I am very thankful, but my main motivation to write you is to say that your concept for TrikleTrade is awesome. The concept is so inspiring but in addition, the content on the website follows through with uplifting stories and videos to keep ones attention even if there is not necessarily a post that suits me. I just want to say that I love it. I registered and I look forward to following and supporting your growth.

Thank you again for your support of our event and for your acts of kindness, 
A Dog's Life Rescue

Julia Pennington

Co-founder and President of A Dog's Life Rescue

I love the philosophy of this!..."We recognize that the human spirit represents more than bank account, balance sheet or a bottom line". You are raising the consciousness of the planet. Thank you.

Opeyemi Olokemi

Program Associate Tribeca Film Institute, New York City

My 7th grade students just finished presenting their "Better World" projects. Each student researched people around the world contributing to making the world a "better place". The second half of the project, the students each committed to a plan in order to make the world a better place. Some said they would pick up litter in an area park; some said they would help the homeless. Many said that they loved to do a "pay it forward", but they did not exactly know how. I was able to show them this website, and I encouraged them to talk with their parents about getting involved in reaching out within their community. The students thought that this website was "so cool"!!!!!

Genesis A.

Teacher, Minnesota

Thanks to TrikleTrade member CampFool for sending me the art books I needed for college. They came just at the right time. I am eager to pay the kindness forward. Thanks - OpArt


TrikleTrade Member

"Seeker" was / is looking for a horse back ride in exchange for home repairs. Well I was needing to replace a kitchen floor. "Seeker" helped me do a hard dirty, on your knees rotten job, with no complaints, a sense of humor, and a desire to get the best results as possible. In a past life I did a lot of hiring and firing, and Seeker is surely a hire! As a result he got his first horse back ride the other day. Thank you. Absent


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