A Traveling Pay It Forward Photography Project

Calgary Alberta, Canada





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Our Story

A one man traveling “pay it forward” photography project gifting creative photography services to those with limited income, limited resources, limited mobility or who may live in rural or remote areas with limited access to a professional photographer and people who may have suffered a catastrophic event in their lives who are in the process of rebuilding. I've always had a camera close by and in 2004 after a long run in the music industry I started concentrating even more on my photography. Over the past 15 years while doing graphic design for a living I honed my craft and found a passion for off camera lighting on location. Now, as I approach my third large road trip I realized I missed human interaction and after a lot of thought, inspiration and planning have launched FotosForward in hopes that it will go viral and enable me to work with many amazing people, all over North America for years to come.

Our Mission

Although not an essential survival necessity I believe photographic memories are import for the soul and everyone should have a chance to have some done no matter where they are or how much money they have. I'm hoping to bridge that gap for as many people as possible.