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By Douglas Goddard on 2/6/2018 4:49 AM
Daniel Sadler is a tow truck driver who works at All Over Towing in Kernersville, North Carolina. The idea to give back to homeless community members of Kernersville came to him one evening after watching...
By Douglas Goddard on 1/8/2018 10:15 AM
A socially responsible company embraces the overall social good of their community instead of solely focusing on maximum profits. A company with a social mission has an intent to create healthy environments...
By Syann on 11/29/2017 1:06 PM
A ‘sharing economy’ (or collaborative consumption) is a person-to-person-based sharing of goods and services, stressing access to sharing, swapping, and trading over ownership.  As a society, we are reinventing...
By Syann on 11/29/2017 12:54 PM
“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Aesop
By Douglas Goddard on 10/30/2017 12:49 AM
As an at-risk youth, Joe Roberts the CEO of Mindware Design, began his journey as a homeless 19 year-old pushing a shopping cart around on the streets, collecting bottles to pay for his drug dependency. 

By Douglas Goddard on 10/5/2017 3:28 AM
A child pays it forward to a soldier
By Douglas Goddard on 9/9/2017 1:34 AM
Killing Kilimanjaro, Vern Jones and his family successfully scaled the 4,900-meter mountain in Tanzania, Africa with a little help from a local guide.
By Douglas Goddard on 8/25/2017 2:26 AM
When we think of random acts of kindness we often think of individuals stepping up to help other individuals in our neighborhood. 
By Douglas Goddard on 8/25/2017 2:20 AM
Random acts of kindness can happen at any moment a person decides to seize the opportunity. 
By Syann on 7/12/2017 12:06 PM
There are numerous medical articles written on the positive impact being kind has on our bodies. Below are just five of the ways kindness can take a hold in your life....
By Douglas Goddard on 5/9/2017 12:52 AM
Pay It Forward: Story 1
Give a coat. Take a coat. 
By Douglas Goddard on 2/2/2017 1:52 AM
We all intuitively know that being kind is a good thing. Holding the door for someone, helping someone with their items, or tipping the barista, they're all acts that make us feel a bit warm and fuzzy...
By Douglas Goddard on 12/21/2016 11:17 PM
The Internet has signified the importance of random acts of kindness, as more and more stories are shared from around the globe....
By Douglas Goddard on 4/14/2016 12:46 PM
The world is full of people who perform simple acts of kindness. Besides benefiting others,...
By juliaa on 4/12/2016 3:03 PM
'Pay it forward' is not a new concept.  It is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed, repaying that deed forward to others instead of back to the original benefactor.  'Pay it forward'...
By Douglas Goddard on 3/22/2016 1:10 AM

Whenever you perform a selfless act aimed at cheering a person by fulfilling their wish or assisting in some way, you may experience a special feeling of contentment afterward. Such acts are generally...
By juliaa on 11/18/2015 8:28 AM

Within hours of the terrorist attack on Paris...

By juliaa on 6/26/2014 10:51 AM

An act of kinds makes us feel good about ourselves and makes somebody else feel they matter...

By juliaa on 4/13/2014 7:35 AM
If you are like most busy people, your schedule is hectic and unpredictable. You'd like to be able to help. But, you can't commit to being available at any particular time each week to volunteer for a cause.  However, there are simple things you can do to help your neighborhood or community.

By juliaa on 3/26/2014 3:21 PM

This month and throughout the year encourages all individuals, organizations and businesses to play a role

By juliaa on 1/18/2014 10:34 AM
Americans will come together on Monday, January 20, to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day by reflecting on Dr. King's message of social justice, and the importance of community and volunteer service....
By juliaa on 12/1/2013 9:06 AM
After Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, comes Giving Tuesday.  Giving Tuesday was started in 2012 as an open source movement to encourage people to make it their own and share with others.

By juliaa on 10/13/2013 7:42 AM

Landscape professionals volunteer their expertise and local businesses donate materials to repair neighborhood group home damaged in a 2012 fire.

By juliaa on 10/6/2013 7:50 AM

Concomitants of deficiency, scarcity, shortage, and lack are the fear that our lives are limited by such things as a .....

By juliaa on 9/29/2013 9:12 AM

Even though the "Before I die I want to...." community board has come down for now, the project keeps on connecting the community.

By juliaa on 9/22/2013 7:40 AM
On September 6, 2013 Missoula, Montana launched their community "Before I die I want to..." wall during the city's First Friday art celebration.  As many Missoulians crowded around the wall, Mayor John...
By juliaa on 4/13/2013 1:08 PM
All month, TrikleTrade members have been consiously paying it forward to other Trikletrade members and neighbors in their own community.  We would like to encourage you to join in the fun.  Acts of kindness...