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These are listings of child care needs and resources. It takes a village to raise a child. If you need assistance with child care in any form, please create a post from your profile. Examples include babysitting, after school assistance or programs, school supplies, food, or clothing. If you need help with these services, please don't hesitate to reach out to our TrikleTrade members, or our many child care resource organization members.


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21-Nov-2013 05:15:53 PM
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We have hand made natural stone and silver earrings in exchange for the following: Two large Costco sized packages of pull ups or diapers of any size. The items will be donated to the Watson Childrens Shelter. If interested please contact me here. Thank you
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Posted by: ********
Location: ********, ****
21-Nov-2013 05:11:01 PM
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If you're interested in the hand made jewelry pictured here made out of real Montana Agate and silver we are suggesting each individual piece of jewelry would be traded for one of the following: 1. Two Costco size packages of toilet paper or 2. Two Costco size packages of paper towels o All to be donated to the Watson Children's Center. If interested please respond here to this post. Thank you!