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These are listings of health needs and resources. Do you need a little motivation to exercise, or is there a specific fitness class you are longing to join? Are you unfamiliar with nutrition and need guidance? Maybe you need help to learn breathing and relaxation techniques. If these are all things you envision for your life but are having a hard time getting there on your own, ask your neighbor for help. Create a post of your need from your profile. If you are a health care provider, or a neighbor who is looking for a buddy to work out with, search your neighborhood listings. Better health is a click away.

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19-Jul-2014 05:31:17 PM
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A traveling “pay it forward” photography project gifting creative photography services all over North America. I know it's not a basic necessity like food or shelter but it's what I know how to do and what I can give forward.
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21-Nov-2013 05:43:16 PM
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Hello All! I’m a freelance communications professional based in Los Angeles, CA. I’m bilingual in French and love all things art and travel related. I’m also into sports and outdoor activities, as well as getting my hands dirty with gardening.